Managing risk of placing Community and Health Professionals

Possessing 10 years of experience recruiting professional health, clinic and disability support workers, Worthwhile utilises detailed interview processes that identify experienced professionals, whether sourced from Australia or overseas.


Communication and sophisticated technology

Worthwhile Recruiting uses sophisticated software allowing us to track applicants and all communication with them. Clients who use Worthwhile Recruiting on an ongoing basis value our Employer Portal, so there is total transparency as the recruitment selection process progresses.


Our Fees

Worthwhile Recruiting’s permanent fees cover searching, interviewing, screening, qualification/licence verification, shortlisting and reference checking applicants who match your job description. If candidates are sourced internationally, then additional checks will be undertaken.

Our permanent placement fee is due and payable only after we have been successful in introducing a candidate, and they commence employment.

Fees are calculated up front. We offer a flat-fee recruitment solution, as well as a fee structure based on a percentage of the annual salary, allowing you to budget effectively.

An account representing our appointment will be raised and is payable within 7 days of the successful candidates’ commencement date.

All Allied Health Staff

$7,500 plus GST

12 week guarantee period

Positions above $100,000 base

10% of the salary package plus GST

12 week guarantee period

Note: Police Checks and Pre-employment Medicals are on charged if organised by Worthwhile but we do have an in-house JP to verify documents at no extra cost.

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