How do I register with Worthwhile Recruiting for Work?

When you first apply to work with Worthwhile Recruiting you can register either by applying for a role we have available on our jobs board or register with us as a general registration so that if work comes up which suits your skills we can contact you.

How do I let you know I am looking for work again?

When you have been an employee of Worthwhile you can sign in to the Employee Portal ( click the employee login button) and update all of your details, any  new/updated licenses/tickets etc. Keeping your details up to date, gives you the best chance of being called for work.

How and when do I submit my timesheet?

Shortly you will be able to submit your timesheet online. In the meantime, depending on where you are working we have a combination of online and paper timesheets. Your  WWR Consultant will advise you of the process for your client site. We require your timesheet by 10am Monday morning. If it’s after that time we will not be able to process your pay until the following week.

How do I get my payslip?

Your payslip is emailed to you via our Acounting/Payroll System. Remember if you do not get a payslip please contact our payroll staff immediately via

When is pay day?

Payroll is always processed on a Monday and funds should be available in your bank account the following day, unless it’s a Public Holiday on a Monday as payroll will then be processed on a Tuesday.

What if I have an Incident?

Immediately please:

  • notify your direct Supervisor and find the FIrst Aider on site
  • notify WWR by calling 02 9411 4649 or email . If you can’t do it,  please get the Supervisor or First Aider to call us
  • within 24 hours you must fill in the Incident Form and/or forward the Client Onsite Incident Form to and our WHS team will be in touch.

We will never share your info! Any details you give us is only to help/contact you

Safety Risk/Incident?

Please report any potential safety issue or incident/accident immediately.

Click on the icon, download the form (you can’t type into it if you don’t), enter details , print, sign, scan and send.

Or contact a WHS Manager 02 9411 4649 or