Every business journey is unique, and sometimes you won’t know where you need help first.

It doesn’t mean you need to do it all – let us work with you a step at a time to address your most pressing HR, Contractor, Performance or WHS issues.

Here are 9 questions to help you decide where to start first:

1. What employment documents, processes, procedures and policies do I need to be compliant and mitigate risk within my business?

We provide a comprehensive Business HR Audit to identify non-compliance issues and highlight opportunities to improve compliance cost effectively. Decide if you can manage the fix with some help, or with dynamic, cloud-based HR Management systems or if you need Outsourced HR assistance.

2. Which Awards, if any, apply to our business and how do I comply?

Did you know your business may be covered by one or more Awards? We’ll do the research for you and if required, source experienced Employment Relations lawyers to provide customised advice. We can educate your finance team or managers to understand all aspects of Modern Award compliance including paying according to classifications, understanding overtime hours and payment, meeting penalty rates and allowance, and complying with casual conversion clauses. 

3. What employment contracts are right for Full time, Fixed Term, Permanent Part time and Casual employees? 

Plain English Employment Contracts ensure your employee understands their employment obligations. We can help you create the right employment agreement from your first employee as part of our permanent recruitment services, bundle it with development of a position description or as a stand-alone document.

4. Do our employees know what our Company Values are and how they should behave?

Ensuring you have the right person in the job is fundamental. We can run a time effective workshop to create or refresh your values, help roll out to employees and embed it in your performance development or performance management systems.

5. Does our organisation structure meet our future business plans?

It starts at the top. Define what each function or team has accountability for and how many roles are required to deliver a high-performance organisation. Worthwhile can help you design or deliver a workshop with your managers to develop the right structure for your business future.

6. Do our job descriptions reflect what we want your employees to do?

Employees really like clarity! By defining accountabilities and measuring their performance, you can enable their success. We can provide a template, or work with your managers to write your Position Descriptions and Person Specifications.

7. How do our managers keep up to date? Do we understand changing employment laws including managing Casual Conversion requirements, or what constitutes a Psychological Injury?  

Worthwhile regularly invite our clients to quarterly presentation updates, and whilst we don’t always deliver presentations ourselves, we can introduce you to our partner network. Our aim is to help you find a solution to educate your managers or support teams.

8. Should we use Cloud based HR tools to manage our HR records?

We have a team who have worked with HR Cloud based technology for over 10 years. Let us select and implement technology if it’s the right decision for your business and train your managers to value one source of truth for your HR Employment records.

9. What about managing HR Incidents, Hazards and complying with Work Health Safety laws?

Australia has complex HR and WHS laws. What most managers want is for their employees to be safe. Let us help you set up pragmatic WHS Management Systems to mitigate risk, report incidents and hazards.

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