We share our clients’ onus of responsibility

We believe the success of any organisation does not solely depend upon numbers or strategies, because these things only take value when they are infused with the energies of committed individuals like yourself.

Placing you in your area of expertise… 

With 16 years of experience recruiting finance and administration staff, Worthwhile has interview processes that examine your strengths to ensure that you are the right person for that role.

Understanding what motivates you ….

It’s no secret that we are in the business of sales and people…

So we can identify candidates who can sell.

With over 20 years in sales, our clients expect us to present candidates who can develop new business and identify metrics used to help deliver their sales budget.

Communication and sophisticated technology

Worthwhile Recruiting uses sophisticated recruitment software allowing us to track activity and communication pertaining to your application.

Note: Police Checks and Pre-Employment Medicals and testing are often a part of the recruitment process, especially in sales or high-level roles. We will advise if any of these are required at time of interview.

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